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“FL0 has been impressive - we don’t even have to think about hosting or infrastructure. The feedback from our developers is that they’ve never used an easier platform.”

Brigid Gordon

Founder, SWOP

About SWOP was started in 2013 as a brick & mortar marketplace for selling second-hand designer clothing. With a focus on sustainability and responsible purchasing practices, the company’s goal was to create a platform for people to buy and sell pre-loved, quality fashion items.

As SWOP expanded, the founders realised that providing their users with a platform that was not only functional, but also fun and easy to use, was becoming increasingly difficult. They knew that every piece of pre-loved clothing is unique, and they needed a platform that could support the bespoke nature of their business at scale.

Why they chose FL0

After exploring various options, the SWOP team decided to join forces with FL0 in order to build a specialised “Online Quotation Tool ” feature that would make selling apparel online and in store a breeze for their customers. They knew that FL0 offered the simplest infrastructure management and deployment process out there, and that choosing FL0 would make the lives of their engineering team easier.

One of SWOP’s values is that it does not resell fast fashion or budget clothing; but they chose FL0 precisely because FL0 allows them to get their website online fast, at a budget-friendly price.

Unlike Shopify, FL0’s platform enabled SWOP to develop a tailored solution with custom features that met their specific needs, without worrying about being locked-in to a proprietary technology. In fact, using FL0 meant that SWOP had the flexibility to switch platforms in the future, without having the pain of migrating the Online Quotation Tool feature, if they chose to do so (spoiler: they haven’t!).

How FL0 helped SWOP

Built on FL0, SWOP’s “Online Quotation Tool” feature allows sellers to upload photos of their items, select the brand and condition, and get a pricing estimate - all in real time. This results in higher conversion rates for SWOP, as their customers have a more accurate picture of what they can sell their pre-loved items for, as well as less time spent doing manual admin work for the SWOP team.

With FL0 taking care of their infrastructure needs, SWOP has been able to build deeper relationships with their customers, improve the user experience, and grow their business through the game-changing feature. This means that SWOP can now focus on their ultimate mission: making sustainable fashion more accessible to everyone.

How FL0 can help you

When choosing a platform to host your application, always carefully consider whether you will be locked in to that particular vendor or technology in the future. With FL0, you can rest assured that you will always have the flexibility to migrate your app should the need arise; but with our ability to affordably scale your applications to millions of customers, we don’t think you’ll ever want to!

Best of all, FL0 enables you to build and deploy your custom website exactly how you want it, just like it did for SWOP. Just push your code to GitHub, select your branch, and deploy on FL0 with a click of the button - or set up automatic deployments on FL0, so that your website changes get in front of your customers in mere minutes without you lifting a finger!

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