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Butter Insurance

“FL0 dramatically simplified the whole devops and hosting process for us. Instead of hiring an AWS expert and building a complex infrastructure, or hiring more team members, we were able to achieve the same results with zero effort.”

Steph Skevington

Co-founder of Butter Insurance

About Butter Insurance

Founded in 2021 by ex-lawyers Steph Skevington and Cassie Bell, Butter Insurance is an online platform that allows its users to view and manage their insurance policies, track claims, and update payments. Hailed as “AppleCare meets Afterpay”, Butter offers subscription-style insurance policies on a monthly or yearly basis, with no cancellation fees - perfect for protecting phones, laptops, and other valuable goods.

Butter's bespoke pricing engine.

Why they chose FL0

Butter needed a platform that took the complexity out of devops and infrastructure, allowing them to get up and running as quickly as possible on a limited budget. They wanted their engineering team to be able to write code, and get it into production - in front of real customers - within minutes. At the same time, they were conscious that whichever platform they chose would need to be able to comfortably scale with demand to accommodate thousands of concurrent users.

The dream was to find an easy-to-use platform that could be managed with as few resources as possible, so that Cassie, Steph and their engineering team could focus on what really mattered to them: building their business. As empathetic leaders, they also wanted their chosen platform to be enjoyable for new engineering hires to use, without the steep and time-consuming learning curve that came with many infrastructure platforms.

How FL0 helped Butter

In just 12 weeks, the entire Butter app was built and was easily able to be deployed to FL0 in minutes. This included seamless account set up, document submission, signature-on-glass functionality, and integrations with Stripe, Sendgrid and Zendesk. On top of this, a bespoke pricing engine was developed to generate real-time pricing based on the information provided by customers.

“When a change needs to be deployed, we can get it into production in a matter of minutes instead of days. FL0 builds our containers and deploys them automatically to the Dev environment for testing. Then, it’s just a button click to deploy to Production. We’re able to run additional tasks like automated tests and database migrations too.”

With FL0, Butter was able to spend more time focusing on creating a great customer experience, and less time on configuring and managing the underlying infrastructure that was critical for the app to function.

The product went live in late 2022, and as of September has thousands of users.

Best of all, during peak periods over the past year, the app saw significant traffic spikes, which were instantly handled by FL0’s in-built autoscaling solution - no human involvement required.

How FL0 can help you

If you’re a startup like Butter, you probably care about getting your MVP to market fast, so that you can iterate quickly (and beat your competitors!). In this case, FL0 is the number one choice for deploying your applications and hosting your databases, allowing you to get your code into production within minutes: all without the complex infrastructure learning curve that is typical of other platforms. Plus, with out-of-the-box autoscaling, you never have to worry about spikes in traffic again, even when your customer base starts to grow.

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