Aug 2023

Changelog #1: Multi-region coming soon!

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The snow is piling up here in Australia (yes, it’s Winter down under, and yes, we do get snow! ❄️) but that’s not slowing us down one bit. We’ve been busy rolling out a number of new improvements…

  • Multi-region coming soon. We know you love Australia as much as we do (right??), but we also know that you might want your application to be deployed from a different region. And boy, do we have some exciting news for you! If you want to know which regions we are adding in the near future, log in to FL0 and take a sneak peak at our region selector when you set up your application. Have a hankering for other regions? (okay - yes, that came out a bit weirder than in our heads.) Let us know here or on Discord. 🌎
  • Usage limits shown. Remember those cool usage graphs that we posted about last week? This week, we’ve added a line to show you how close you are to reaching your CPU and RAM threshold. The sky (and by that, we mean, the dotted line) is the limit! 📈
  • PORT env var added. Ever realised after you’ve deployed that you needed to set the `PORT` environment variable? Fret no more, we now automatically set that for you when you create your application - and give you the option of changing its value if you prefer a different port. (As an added bonus, we cleaned up the UI to show a tooltip helper to explain what’s going on.) ⛴️
  • Auto-transform uppercase names. For those who use uppercase Github repo names (but seriously, WHO HURT YOU?? 😑) we now helpfully transform them to lowercase when you import that repo so that you pass our naming validations with flying colours. 🌈
  • Safari bug fix. Oh, Safari. How we either loathe or love thee (depending on which FL0 team member you speak to). We fixed a little issue that was stopping our Safari users from upgrading their plans (eep!). So now you Safari folks can also say, "Take my money!" like everyone else. 😉
  • Improvements to Pro plan UI. Speaking of money, we had some questions recently about how our Pro plans work, so we made some improvements to the explanation in the UI. To clarify: you pay US$7/month, which unlocks a HEAP of amazing functionality, including access to dev and prod environments, multiple applications and databases, longer log retention, and the ability to set autoscaling. But the best thing is that the $7 you pay actually gives you $12 of monthly credit, which you can spend on your applications and databases! If you have any other questions, reach out to us here or on Discord. 💰
  • Internal deployment metrics. Behind the scenes, we made some fancy new charts that we use to keep an eye on your build and deployment success rates (so that we can make sure your deployments are going out, smooth as butter!). 🧈
  • UI improvements. And finally, we added some other UI polish, like making the loading speed on the projects Overview page wicked fast, and opening up the Deployments tab by default for applications, because we know that’s what you care about. 🙃

And remember folks, there's snow place like FL0 for super zippy application deployments that will have you outracing your competitors! ⛷️💨

Carmen Chung
Director of Product

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