Nov 2023

Changelog #5: Avast ye Fl0 travellers

Learn about new FL0 features and how developers are using FL0 to build their next big idea.


👋 Ahoy, everyone! We've been very appreciative of the customer feedback and interest since our Product Hunt launch last month, and the FL0 crew have been busy working on improvements for smoother sailing and faster onboarding.

We thought we'd also share a bit of insight into the company culture in this update, so the somewhat nautical theme is a hint about one of the classic dice games we've been enjoying during our Friday team lunches. This is a bluffing game as seen In a well known pirate movie series -- any guesses 🤔?

While you ponder how we roll at lunch, you may want to learn one of the fine code chanties overheard while working on this release:

Oh we are the operator crew, we watch and reconcile 
We scale and deploy the services, we do it with a smile
But sometimes we get too many events, and then we need to wait 
So we set the debounce time and hope it's not too late

🗺️ A Treasure Map

Inspired by quality chanties and rare spices from the mysterious land of Kubernetes, the FL0 crew's engineering experts have delivered some bountiful treasures:

  •  🌶️ Improved backend logic for speedier deployments and event coordination.
  •  🫚 Added earlier detection of some failure cases with more information to assist with debugging the deployment process.
  •  🫘 Added logic to detect when applications have restarted too many times within 5 minutes of a deployment being created.

Meanwhile, above decks the 24x7 customer success squad rescued a few deployments that were stranded or struggling in rough waters. To help future travellers, some dangerous waters and obstacles have been cleared or charted ("Here be small dragons!").

Some of the memorable (but victorious) skirmishes were:

  • 🐡 Application logs in the deployment window were incorrectly including some logs from older deployments of an application.
  • 🐙 A few deployments had multiple queued builds with none starting.
  • 🐢 Sometimes an old deployment would be incorrectly reported as the current deployment.
  • 🐚 Changing the PORT for a service caused issues if a new deployment did not start successfully.

✨ One More Thing

By popular demand the crew has shipped a new type of FL0 resource: Workers!

⚙️ Workers are applications that perform background tasks (for example, chatbots or message queues) and do not need to listen to any incoming ports. Similar to a FL0 Application, a Worker is associated with a GitHub repository and branch for either automatic or manual deployment.

⚓ That is all for this iteration of Changelog, but if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas for FL0 please join our FL0 Community on Discord.

🎲🎲🎲🎲 Bonus Trivia

What dice game has the team been playing recently?

The dice game we've been playing apparently originated as a 15th century bluffing game called Dudo (Spanish for "I doubt"). Rules and names vary, so this may also be called Liar's Dice or Pirate Dice.

Embedded is an extended scene showing a high stakes game in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which is pretty close to the gravitas of a FL0 lunch time battle:

Main Image Credit

AI Generated Art by NightCafe Creator

Prompt: Cinematic crew of sailors on a fast moving schooner on the ocean

Stennie Steneker

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