Oct 2023

Changelog #4: We Won #2 Product Of the Day!

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Some of you may have heard that we listed on Product Hunt on Sunday (sorry about our emails, we may have been a touch overly enthusiastic 😬) - and guess what? Thanks to your support, we landed the coveted #2 spot!

We’re so proud of all that we have achieved in the lead up to our big launch, including:

  • Multi-region went live! 🌎 We now allow you to deploy your applications to Singapore, United States (East), and Ireland. This is a HUGE win for all of you lovely folk from around the globe, and something that our team is so, so proud of (trust us, it took a lot of 🩸, 😅 and the occasional 🥲).
  • Database metrics 📀 We display the storage size and usage metrics for your Postgres databases in our product, so you know how close you are to hitting your limits. I may have been guilty of trying to load test a database to its limits, much to the engineers' horror. 🤭
  • We support gRPC and HTTP/2 🕸️ By utilising HTTP/2 and gRPC, you will have access to improved performance, reduced latency, more efficient use of network resources, and enhanced security features - perfect for microservices and real-time applications.
  • Miscellaneous improvements 💅 like showing the domain suffix and region settings for applications, and various CSS updates.

While many others would take this moment to relax, our team is back to working hard to bring you many more exciting features and improvements.

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to us on Discord!

Carmen Chung
Director of Product

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