Sep 2023

Changelog #3: New build options available

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It’s been a busy few weeks here at FL0 headquarters (more on why at the end of this post!), but we still managed to crank out a bunch of improvements, including:

  • Buildpack vs Dockerfile. You now have more control over your build configuration, including being able to specify your root directory and environment variables when using a buildpack; or your Dockerfile location, target, Docker context and args when using a Dockerfile (so you have full control of the build process). When setting up a new application, this will appear under !!Advanced!! options - and for existing applications, you can find this config under !!Settings!! → !!Build!!.
  • Use a !!.env!! file. Hate manually entering in environment variables? So do we - that's why we've made it even easier to paste in your !!.env!! file in one go. Check out the !!Environment variables!! page for our latest changes.
  • There’s nothing here…yet. We made a beautiful placeholder page that shows on your application’s URL when your application is deploying for the first time, but hasn’t yet finished. And yes, there is confetti.
  • Miscellaneous improvements. We’ve made some changes to the way environment variables are brought from dev to prod, as well as changed how FL0Bot’s suggested solution appears (now popping out from the deployment logs side drawer), and added in a helper to take you to the Environment Variables page when you are missing an env var.

Finally, our exciting news is that we are officially launching on Product Hunt on Monday 1 October (ET timezone)! Follow us here so you don't miss out on the big day!

Carmen Chung
Director of Product

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