Aug 2023

Changelog #2: Return of the confetti!

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For the last few weeks, we’ve been harassing our poor frontend engineer to re-introduce confetti into the product after it was temporarily removed when we polished our UX flow.

But apparently he’s been "busy developing features that users actually need” and “creating real value by making our platform faster and smoother”. 😐

Well, the long-awaited day has finally arrived, and I’m pleased to announce that THE CONFETTI HAS RETURNED! Because what’s a developer product without some colourful digital streamers exploding in your face without warning, I ask you?? 🎉🎉🎉

…Oh and yeah, I guess we did release a bunch of features that users actually need, and created real value by making our platform faster and smoother, including:

  • Display deployments on usage metrics charts. We now show you when a failed, in progress, and successful deployment actually happened on your usage metrics charts, so you can figure out how they may have impacted your CPU and RAM.
  • Added Save and Save + Deploy buttons. Were you on team auto-save when it came to environment variables? If so...well, this is awkward. Because most of the FL0 team voted for a real Save button, which we've now added - with both normal Save and Save + Deploy options (great for those who always forget that you need to redeploy in order for the changes to take effect - i.e. me)!
  • More detailed deployment logs. We display the full deployment failure logs, with a history of failed attempts, which means it's easier for you to diagnose issues (and don't forget to use our friendly AI-powered FL0Bot if you're stuck!).
  • Don't fear, FL0Bot is here. Previously, we required you to actively ask Fl0Bot for help when your deployment failed - but now we actually get it to propose a solution for you automatically, without you needing to lift a finger! Just click on "View logs" on a failed deployment on the Deployments page, and you'll see FL0Bot's solution at the bottom.
  • Rename your workspace or project. Fat fingers begone! For those of you who made a typo in your workspace or project name, you can now fix it by renaming it in the UI.
  • Performance improvements. We sped up the initializing phase when you create your application, and added confetti to congratulate you on a job well done.

Yes, confetti counts as a performance improvement.

Don't @ me.

Carmen Chung
Director of Product

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